Premium Saver

This Legacy Account is great for those who want higher interest.

  • More flexibility than many ‘internet-only’ accounts.
  • Funds are Legacy Accounts earning premium interest rate
  • This account is for those investors who wish to receive a better interest rate but who do not wish to use the account as an everyday access account.
  • There is no minimum balance, and the interest rate (paid on the whole balance) increases as your balance increases.
  • There is unlimited internet access to your account.
  • There are limited OVER THE COUNTER transactions per month. There is no limit on the number of internet debit transfers you make, or other electronic debits such as direct debits.
  • You can have unlimited electronic credits to the account over the internet, or by regular direct debit which we can set up for you at no cost.
  • As with our other savings and investment accounts interest accrues on the daily balance and is paid 31 January and 31 July.
  • No Fees or Charges.


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