At ADIG we recognise that the people of our diocese are committed to supporting the wider Catholic community through their investments. The staff at ADIG specialise in personalised service, managing accounts and providing returns for investors, parishes and the diocese.

Message from the Bishop

With each passing year I am increasingly impressed with the work of the Armidale Diocesan Investment Group (ADIG) within the Diocese and I am reminded of ADIG’s role as an essential element of Diocesan life.  Without the support of ADIG to our parishes, schools, Diocesan organisations and the Diocese itself, our Diocesan life would be poorer.

ADIG is successful because it is a co-operative undertaking which benefits both the Group and the Investor.  At the heart of the success of ADIG is the way in which individual parishioners provide support by opening an account and retaining a savings balance.  In fact, our Diocese is proud to have the highest proportion of parishioners of all Dioceses in Australia supporting their local catholic development fund.

I hope, that like me, you too continue to support ADIG and that you encourage those in your family, workplaces and parishes, who do not have an account with ADIG, to do so.  Account holders are best placed to explain to others the benefits of being with ADIG.

I thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours in Christ

Most Reverend Michael Kennedy
Bishop of Armidale