ADIG began operations in 1974 in response to a growing need from parishes and schools in the Armidale Diocese for finance on more suitable terms than could be obtained commercially.  ADIG commenced borrowing funds from the community in order to provide these loan funds.

ADIG is one of several agencies in the Diocese which exist to support the religious activities of the Catholic Church in the Armidale Diocese. Examples of other agencies in the diocese are Centacare, Catholic Schools Office and the Matrimonial Tribunal. As well as providing loans to schools and parishes, ADIG also provides other assistance to the Armidale Diocese. Please refer to ‘Apostolate’.

The Group still borrows money from the community in the form of a range of accounts. Today ADIG holds funds from over 6000 investors. These include school children, families, small and large investors, clubs and associations, as well as school and parish accounts. Total invested funds held by the group exceed $275 million.

ADIG has investors all over the New England/North West, interstate and even overseas. Our clients enjoy fee-free savings and investment accounts with competitive rates of interest and exceptional customer services. Importantly, our clients note that by having an account with ADIG they are helping parishes, schools and the community in the Armidale Diocese. Join us and make a difference.