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Once again, ADIG is proud to announce that we have provided the Diocese of Armidale with a distribution. This year ADIG has committed $5.53 million to the Diocese and the Parishes for the support of our local Catholic communities in their charitable, pastoral and educational works.

ADIG exists to support the charitable works of our parishes and Diocese, to help grow God’s Kingdom and help others do the same. These annual distributions allow our parishes to provide opportunities for new evangelisation programs or fund new charitable outreach programs, that otherwise may not have been possible.

The ability of the ADIG to provide this support to parishes and communities is heavily reliant on the support of lay investors and community groups who choose to invest in the ADIG. For 50 years ADIG has created strong relationships with its customers, who have joined in ADIGs journey to make a difference.

Our customer’s support is invaluable through their direct financial investment, their shared faith and their support of the Catholic mission. We thank them for their support over the last 50 years and look forward to many years ahead.

As we celebrate 50 years this year, join us and make a difference.

St Nicholas’ Parish East Tamworth


St Joseph’s Parish Uralla


St’s Mary and Joseph Cathedral Parish


St Edward’s Parish South Tamworth