• Freecall: 1800 040 903 (Armidale)
  • 1800 803 194 (Tamworth)


Each year, ADIG provides the Diocese and each Parish with a cash distribution to enable funding for the ongoing Diocesan and Parish activities. This funding enables expenditure on a range of items at a parish level including community welfare programs, repair and maintenance of parish facilities and ongoing parish operational costs such as rates and insurances.

At a Diocesan level, the distribution is utilised to contribute towards all of the activities of the diocese and its agencies. Additional distributions are made to the Armidale Clergy Fund for the ongoing care and welfare of retired clergy within the Diocese. These include:

  • Catechetical work in state schools
  • Safeguarding Office
  • Clergy and seminarian education
  • Diocesan administration expenses
  • Diocesan Administration
  • Parish insurances and operational costs
  • Priest Retirement Foundation (for retired and ill priests)