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Armidale Diocesan Investment Group (ADIG) CEO, Mr. Grant Devine has today announced the annual distribution of funds from the ongoing operation of the ADIG business. This year the Armidale Diocese Parishes will benefit from an allocation of $605,000. These funds are used by local parish communities to ensure the ongoing delivery of services. Mr. Devine, identified “the ongoing commitment to assisting the charitable, religious and educational works of the Catholic Diocese of Armidale as a core strategy for the group.” “ADIG’s success and our ability to assist in this way is only made possible through the support of our customer base and their belief in our business.”

Bernie Munro, Business Development and Marketing Manager ADIG noted that “since the ADIG’s inception in 1974, significant good had been done with the money generated and injected into our local communities.” “This funding distribution allows a ripple effect through the delivery of grass roots services by locals with these programs, tangibly supporting and making a difference to people’s lives”, he said.