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The Armidale Diocesan Investment Group (ADIG) has achieved great outcomes since the inception of our business in 1974. These results have only been made possible through the continued support of those who invested in something that they could believe in.

Now more than ever the ability for ADIG to listen, react and deliver satisfaction in what we offer our stakeholders is paramount in ensuring future success. In March and April of this year, ADIG undertook a client survey to ensure that we are delivering on our promises and meeting the needs of our investors.

The survey looked to identify any shortfalls that may have existed between our customer’s expectations of service, perceptions of the services received and areas of opportunity for our business to change, grow and improve.

Respondents of the survey overwhelmingly acknowledged satisfaction across the key areas of delivering on our promises, our employee’s willingness to help and the ability of staff to answer their questions. Eight key expectations of service and perception within the survey scored ADIG as 4.6 out a rating of 5, meaning that the majority of participants identified an outcome between “Satisfied” and “Very Satisfied”.

When the survey reviewed participants about “all of their experiences dealing with ADIG and the rating of service that they receive”, in excess of 95% rated their experience in either the “Very Good” or “Excellent” response categories.

The promotion of the ADIG investment fund relies very heavily on “word of mouth” with 96% of respondents saying they would either definitely recommend or consider recommending ADIG to a family member or close friend. This is a critical component of our fund remaining relevant and providing investment products that meet the needs of our clients.

Client surveys provide insights into opportunities that are available for ADIG to grow and further meet the changing needs of our client base. This survey has been invaluable in providing feedback on the preferred channels for communication, new product options and to understand some frequently asked questions.

As a direct result of the ADIG client survey a special investment term was offered and ADIG will be implementing a guide to frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about the ADIG.

We truly appreciate each and every client who took the opportunity to articulate their views.
ADIG thanks you for your input and joining us to make a difference.