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As the school year moves towards a close and the students are rewarded for their hard work , Armidale Diocesan Investment Group (ADIG) is proud to support the Armidale Diocesan school community.

To show ADIG’s recognition of the outstanding achievements within our schools, $5,000 in funding support has been provided to enable those who have accomplished great things to be awarded the ADIG Shield. Whilst the criteria for the annual award varies between schools, the fact remains that the awardees named have demonstrated outperformance or direct peer recognition for their actions throughout the year.

During this year’s pandemic lockdowns the introduction of increased online learning has meant that all students have shown great resilience to change and are to be commended for their efforts.

These principles form the basis of better and stronger communities, something which has direct alignment to the mantra of the ADIG business.

Whilst this year will see a break from the traditional end of year presentation ceremonies, this does not take away from the reflection of each individual student’s journey in learning.

The ADIG business is proud to be an enabler for the delivery of grass roots services including education across all of our regional locations. We wish each and every student the best of luck.