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St Mary of the Angels School, Guyra, has recognised the ongoing impact that drought has been having on their school and parish community especially the direct effect on the personal welfare of school and parish members, many of whom having shown signs of withdrawal and isolation as the building pressures mount.

Despite this, Principal Mrs Sharon Wittig has taken the lead engaging in direct conversations with the parental community to ensure the individual wellbeing during this time. As a result the school staff decided to facilitate an event that united the local community both at a school and parish level helping to reinvigorate the community and relieve some of the tension that drought has delivered. This has been further complicated by the recent devastating bush fires.

Whilst the evening had direct drought support personnel and service agencies in attendance, the main purpose of the night was to get the broader school and parish community together in friendship.

The kids not to be forgotten had their own event at the school on the night. It was not possible to find anyone that did not like the disco, hot dogs, drinks and ice cream with no better way to laugh, engage and have fun. If smiles were a measurement of the events success then it would be safe to say that it delivered.

ADIG’s role as major sponsor was significant in combining the broader Armidale Diocesan business units in one place to address and provide support for the Guyra School & Parish Community. The underlying purpose of ADIG is to enable grass roots services that tangibly support people’s lives.