• Freecall: 1800 040 903 (Armidale)
  • 1800 803 194 (Tamworth)

As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting our local community, ADIG is proud to support Heart of Peace (HOPe).

HOPe is a social justice ministry of the Diocese of Armidale, and is a grassroots initiative focused on our local community.

Beginning with Tamworth, HOPe Kitchen is its first initiative, a ministry providing members of our community with a hot meal and friendly conversation, on a weekly basis.

ADIG will be donating $6,000 over a 12 month period towards HOPe Kitchen to aid its ongoing support of Tamworth’s most vulnerable.

These funds will ensure that guests at the HOPe kitchen will be provided with a warm meal when they need it most.
HOPe’s plans go well beyond providing meals and company to our most vulnerable though.

It also has a focus on upskilling, and is currently providing free English lessons, as well as assisting people to learn via courses at TAFE or community college.

HOPe is working towards purchasing a food truck that can travel to different locations within Tamworth and the wider Diocese to provide meals and support to communities in need.

HOPe is also looking to support other communities within our Diocese through other grassroots initiatives.

By supporting ADIG, we in turn support the work of HOPe, and proudly give a donation to HOPe Kitchen, with every Bonus Saver Account opened.

Join us and make a difference.